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Inspiring Worship

Bethel Lutheran Church is a Miracle Mile Los Angeles congregation blessed with age and diversity, historical culture, and Jesus Christ with Spiritual Good News of Our Father God. 
And throughout the week Bethel Sanctuary Property is host for Dozens of people working through spiritual 12 step healing. 
Our Sunday 10:30am Worship often has 30-40 attendees with children welcomed to the Kids Sermon and All Inclusive Holy Communion.
Our Miracle Mile Lunch follows 10:30 worship weekly.
We encourage all at Bethel to welcome and build friendship with people of diverse ethnic backgrounds and ages and genders and human love. 
We follow the on issues of faith, inclusion, and justice. 
Weekly worship services often include Lutheran Liturgies of WOV, LBW, and Marty Haugen worship music with accompaniment of piano, organ, guitar, and often flute. 
We sing familiar Lutheran hymns and also have a praise music service with projected lyrics/slides on the 2nd Sunday each month.
Pastor Scott preaches following Jesus, using storied examples of loving action for inspiration.
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